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Mount Unzen
More about Mount. Unzen
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The name of the volcano I will be telling you facts about is called the Mount. Unzen volcano
The Type of volcano is a composite volcano. (Also known as a Strata volcano.
The height of the volcano is 4,457 feet (1,359 m.).
This volcano is located in Kyushu, Japan.
Here is a picture of Mount. Unzen:

*One of the strongest and most powerful eruptions was in 1792. It made an avalanche and tsunami that killed about 14,524 people.
*There was another eruption in 1990 that was outranked by a swam of earthquakes that started on November 1989.
There was pyroclastic flows and landslides since the beginning of 1991. ash particles testified that fresh magma was being erupted...  In 1995, the pyroclastic flows and other deforming things stopped... In 1996, small blocks and ashes started to flow. The flows was caused by collapse of part of the volcanic dome.
And that was it........

Here is the map of Mount. Unzen
Mount. Unzen is right above the East China Sea


-Because of the eruptions many animals died and tons of trees fell over.... After a few minutes it was all dust and ashes...... The temperature becomes unbearable......

-Because of the eruptions, many people lost their loved ones and their homes... In 1972, a tsunami, avalanche, and volcano eruption killed 14,524 people......


Right now the volcano currently (most likely) doesn't pose a risk to the people near the volcano.... The volcano hasn't erupted in 8 years..... It might erupt again and nobody knows... But for right now.... We think it's resting in peace

-Another eruption occured in 1991 which killed 38 people.

Many of these facts were from google and yahoo.... some sites are:
The World Book of Knowledge